Scared Dogs Get Dragged Into Shelter By Owner Who’s Abandoning Them

When a dog is taken to a shelter, they’re always confused. All they know is that they’ve been taken from the home they love and brought to a loud, scary place. It’s understandable that they’d be reluctant to go inside.Two poor dogs had to be dragged into the shelter, breaking all the volunteers’ hearts.When Anne Flores went with her friend to the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, she was expecting to see some sad faces.

What she didn’t expect to see was two women literally dragging two dogs in to surrender them.She watched as the dogs refused to budge.
They threw themselves down on the ground and basically begged their owners to not to give them up.Anne was saddened by what she was seeing. Even worse, the women didn’t even seem to care about the dogs.She described what she saw:

“He laid on his back and just rolled over. It was like he was saying, ‘Please don’t take me in here.’”The more Flores watched, the madder she got.She couldn’t believe how these women were treating these dogs and how much the dogs were rejected.
She continued:“They were both pulling, but the dogs wouldn’t budge. They had to pick them up because they just would not move.

They would not walk in there. They didn’t care. They were just laughing and giggling because the dogs wouldn’t move. To them, it was just like throwing trash away. There was no remorse, nothing. I was really, really angry, and I could feel my blood pressure rise. Why get an animal if you’re not going to keep it and do this to them? It’s not fair.”

Source: Facebook/Anne Flores

Anne decided to take a few photos of the incident and send them to Harris County Animal Volunteers.

The group, which helps find homes for animals at the shelter, posted them on social media, and people were instantly enraged with what they were seeing and wanted to help the dogs.

Source: Facebook/Anne Flores

The black-and-white dog named Truman was scheduled for euthanasia in a few days, so it was urgent that he find a home quickly. The other dog, Mandi, was scheduled for the next day. The shelter was full, and there simply wasn’t any room for these two dogs.

Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue took the dogs in as rescues, but they needed to find foster homes until they could be adopted out to a lasting home.

People fell in love with the dogs, and the rescue group found foster homes for both of them.
Kellie Donoghue, the director of Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue, went to get Truman from the shelter on behalf of the other rescue group. She described the scene:

Source: Facebook/Houston and Harris County Animal Volunteers

“First, I heard him howling. We tried to get him to walk, but he just pancaked flat on the floor and wouldn’t move. He was so terrified, and he was peeing. But he was wagging his tail the whole time, which tells me that this dog just needs love, but doesn’t understand that humans can provide love.”

Eventually, shelter workers helped her drag him to her car.
The ride went a little better, and it seemed like Truman was finally starting to feel safe. Donoghue said:

“The whole time in the car, he just wanted to be near me. He was starting to warm up to me a bit in a 25-minute car ride, which you don’t often see. Sometimes it takes a really long time for dogs to open up to humans.”

When they arrived at the rescue, they tested Truman’s temperament.

Source: Facebook/Houston and Harris County Animal Volunteers

Considering the way he acted around people at times, they couldn’t believe how well he did on the test.
Donoghue explained:

“In just an hour, we saw a fantastic transformation of a dog who wouldn’t even walk and being flat on the ground and shaking, to feeling safe enough to sleep in the car and get close to me. He’s going to be just a fantastic dog to live with.”

Truman did well at the rescue and was happy and healthy.
His sister, Mandi, also left the shelter soon after Truman and went to a foster home. Unfortunately, she had some health problems, including heartworm, eye issues, and mange. Thankfully, her foster mom helped her get better. She also taught the poor dog that you can trust people.

Source: Facebook/Houston and Harris County Animal Volunteers

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