Scared Foster Dog That Wouldn’t Stop Hiding Finally Learns To Trust

Sometimes it’s hard to know what a rescue dog has been through. They may have experienced unthinkable things, due to cruel owners or life on the streets.

Sometimes, even once they’re finally safe, they take some time to adjust to a new way of life. Some animals hold onto their pasts for a while, even after being rescued, and it can be hard for them to fully trust again.

That was the case for a poor rescue named Forrest. He was taken in by Angela’s Ark after being surrendered with 30 other dogs, and he was terrified of people. No one is exactly sure what he endured before being rescued, but it’s safe to assume that it wasn’t good.

When Forrest went to live at his new foster home, it was clear that was full of anxiety and extremely nervous. He was constantly trying to hide, and would even hide in the bushes while on walks.

At first, Angela wasn’t sure what to do to help the poor dog feel better, but then it clicked. Forrest had been living with a huge pack of 30 dogs. Of course, he might feel nervous without other dogs around, so she introduced him to a few friendly pups.

He instantly relaxed a bit and seemed to be a completely new dog! Having other dogs around really boosted his confidence.


The adoption process took longer than usual, due to Forrest’s unsure nature, but Angela finally found the perfect family and Forrest fit right in.


It may be hard to move on from what happened in his previous life, but he’s really coming out of his shell and learning to trust.

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