Seconds Before A Train Arrives, A Woman Pulls A Stray Dog Off The Railroad Tracks

Nina Love knew there was no time to waste when she got a Facebook post about a grey and white pit bull thrown at a park near the train lines. She gathered her belongings and requested aid from a friend and fellow rescuer who lived nearby.

On the railroad tracks, the huge dog was easy to notice, but it didn’t make her simple to catch. “My adrenaline was flowing as I followed her for three miles along the railroad lines,” Love told The Dodo. “I knew the train was approaching since it passed immediately before she ran into them, and trains come every 10 to 15 minutes.”


Though it became apparent that Love was risking her life, she knew she couldn’t give up when she gazed into the dog’s eyes.

“I was trembling with terror, but I wanted to save her because she was pleading for assistance in her eyes,” Love added. “I kept my distance and waited because she was scared.”

Teddy, Love’s friend’s dog, had come along with her, and the presence of another dog appeared to help the stray pittie feel more at ease.


Love explained, “We went low, and my friend chatted to her as Teddy walked up.” “She was apprehensive at first, but my buddy kept her until I arrived and could leash her.”

As a train barreled at them, the gang remained on the rails. They were fortunate enough to be able to get out of the path just in time. “The train approached seconds after [we grabbed the dog], and our adrenaline was so high that we didn’t even hear the horn,” Love explained.

As the relief of knowing they were all safe poured over her, Love couldn’t help but cry. “It was really emotional,” Love said of the encounter.

Love spends her free time in Philadelphia rescuing stray dogs, visiting local dumping grounds and responding to residents’ social media posts and phone calls. “I want to let people know that it’s OK to love animals,” Love said. “We all live on the same planet and should learn to coexist.”


“As an African American in this industry, I’ve encountered numerous hurdles and have [received] racial threats,” Love continued. “However, I will stand firm for them since they are in need of our help.”

Love is still seeking for a patient foster home to help her recover from her tragedy. Love is assisting the dog in finally get the attention she deserves after everything she has gone through.


“She walks nicely on a leash and like meatballs as a treat,” Love explained. “Most significantly, she adores being petted and is deserving of a second shot at life.”

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