Senior Dog Left In Woman’s Yard With A Sad Note

Often, when you hear a dog being left by their owner, it seems like they were abandoned without a second thought. But sometimes, an owner does love their dog, and they simply can’t take care of them.

While the best thing to do in this situation is to go to a shelter, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, even if an owner does love a dog, they still leave them in a place that isn’t quite right.

That’s just what happened with 13-year-old Dachshund mix Reese.Reese’s owner just abandoned her on a stranger’s property in the hopes that someone would care for her and give her a better life.She was abandoned with a handwritten note:

“To You:

My name is Reese. I am 13-years-old and I do not like little kids. I love to chill. I hope whoever gets this [will] please take care of my dog. I love her so much, but I don’t have time for her.

She likes soft food and she likes real food but I don’t give it to her cuz she throws up. She love all your time and love I wish I didn’t have to do this, but I have four kids and no time for her.” The note was signed, “Thanks, her mommy.”

The dog was left on a woman’s property, and lucky for Reese, that woman took the senior dog into her home.

That woman wasn’t able to keep Reese herself, she did go through the effort, unlike her original owner, to make sure that Reese found a forever home.


Source: Royal Animal Refuge

The women reached out to a private Facebook group to find Reese a home and someone ended up tagging Royal Animal Refuge, a local animal rescue shelter, in the post.

“When we heard about it, obviously we were upset,” Mariel Weigand, shelter director for Royal Animal Refuge, told The Dodo. “But at the same time, we thought, ‘Maybe they just didn’t know what to do or who to turn to.’”


Source: Facebook/Royal Animal Refuge

Unlike some rescues, Royal Animal Refuge didn’t pass judgment, they just wanted to find Reese a loving home.

“One of our animal control facilities does not take surrenders, so it makes it very hard when you can’t find a rescue, and you don’t have anywhere to go,” Weigand said.

One of Royal Animal Refuge’s veteran foster parents, Robyn Klein, agreed to take Reese until they could find her a permanent home.
But when Klein’s mother, Suzy Reeves, spotted Reese, she felt there was something special about the dog.


Source: Facebook/Royal Animal Refuge

“[Klein’s] mom is an older lady … and she just recently lost her baby [dog] a few months ago, so she stepped up to foster,” Weigand said. “Robyn said her mom is so in love with Reese already.”

So, it was pretty much a done deal from the start.
Reeves’ initial intent was to foster Reese temporarily, but their family fell so in love with Reese that they decided to adopt her. They made their adoption official pretty quickly.


Source: Facebook/Royal Animal Refuge

It was a match made is rescue dog heaven! These two couldn’t possibly be any happier together.
Just look at how they’re getting along!

“She’s very happy to give her a home,” Weigand said. “She told me she’s going to be loved. And it’s a happy ending for Reese.”

And from the looks of it, it’s a pretty happy ending for Suzy too. Just in time for when she was missing a furry companion the most.


Source: Royal Animal Refuge

Reese isn’t the only dog Royal Animal Refuge has helped.
The rescue also shared a sweet video of another one of their rescues, Neema. Clearly, this rescue is determined to help every dog they can!

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