Senior Dog Tries To Escape His Yard & Gets In Tight Jam Under Broken Fence

Dogs can sometimes get themselves into scary predicaments and rely on good Samaritans and caring people to help them out. We’ve shared stories of dogs getting stuck in storm drains, dogs with their heads caught in holes, and dogs who get locked in a house accidentally.

We recently discovered a dog who tried to escape his family’s yard but got stuck underneath a fence.

The pooch was trying to shimmy under a wooden fence where part of the bottom structure was broken off. Luckily, the St. George Fire Department in Utah was summoned to the scene to try and help the canine caught in a bind.

They managed to safely remove the fence while others kept the dog calm and offered him a bowl of water to stay cool. Although the pup was scared, he remained calm throughout the incident.

After the rescue, he was joyfully reunited with his family and neighborhood friends who were worried about him. On their Facebook page, the fire department received a note of thanks for their quick response.

“As always, St. George Fire Department is ready to serve our community in whatever manner we can assist. Thank you, St. George Community for your continued support,” they shared on their Facebook page.

I Love My Mind reminds our readers to check the stability of structures surrounding your property to ensure dogs are unable to escape. Thanks to everyone who got involved to help this sweet furbaby out of his tight spot!

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