Service Dog Never Knew How To Play With Other Animals Until A Tiny Kitten Came Along

Dogs, like humans, can be awkward and shy with other dogs too.
Our pet dogs are some of the most loyal and loving animals we can have. You can depend on them to keep you safe, entertained, and loved. They also have different personalities that match humans.

One service dog resembles Queen Elsa with a shy and awkward personality, yet underneath lies a warm heart.

Samson is a service dog who is really shy with other dogs and even humans. He is the sweetest pet to his humans, yet he shies away from interacting with other dogs. It can be seen with how Samson pushes himself on the wall as his friends play with each other.

When they’re at the dog park, Samson is always the odd one out.

Samson often sits on the corner and does his own thing. He doesn’t know how to play with fellow dogs. Being alone is also good because they can have time for themselves, yet Samson also needs a companion.

Samson joined the family as a medical response service dog.

His job is very important, so he takes it really seriously. Sometimes too seriously that on days off, he has a hard time switching from work mode to playtime. Concerned about Samson, his owner thought of bringing a cat home. The idea was brought when Samson met his first cat while they were traveling.

When Samson saw the cat, he immediately wanted to play!

It was surprising for Samson to act excited and free, so his owner thought that it was the solution for Samson to loosen up. Samson is capable of social connections, they just have to bring in the right animal for him to connect with.

After a few months, they adopted a kitten named Cleo.

Cleo was a sprightly and cute kitten whom Samson adored instantly. They put Cleo in a backpack and when they got home, they placed the backpack in the middle of the living room. When they opened the backpack, Samson immediately got excited to play with his baby sister.

Samson was so excited that he couldn’t contain his joy!

He immediately started jumping and barking. His tail continuously moved with his excitement. For his owner, it was a beautiful moment.

“It was so heartwarming to see him come out of his shell and immediately form that connection with Cleo.” his owner said.

Samson treated Cleo differently from other animals. He always wanted to be with her. May it be bathing, eating, playing, or exercising. It was a deep bond that no one expected and was happy to see.

After a few hours, they noticed Cleo was dragging her feet. The poor kitten was tired from the rigorous trek. They thought of putting her on their back or Samson’s back.

Immediately, they decided to put her on Samson’s back and the two had the greatest time.

Cleo happily rode at the back of her big brother’s back. Ever since they would always put her on Samson’s back whenever she gets tired. She definitely enjoys the view from above.

Samson is equally proud of carrying his sister on his back.

Cleo helped Samson come out of his shell and explore the world more. She has able to crack Samson’s exterior where he can finally enjoy being a dog. The duo’s brotherly and sisterly love is truly heartwarming.

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