Shelter Takes In Deaf Dog But 2 Weeks Later Distraught Owner Comes And Begs For Dog Back

A sweet dog named Glock ended up in an animal shelter in Florida despite the fact that he had an owner who loved him more than anything in the world. When Glock went missing, his owner was devastated and began a long journey to get him back home.

Glock is a gorgeous pit bull who’s loved dearly by his owner, Rory.
Unfortunately, one day Glock was stolen from Rory. The poor dog ended up as a stray and was brought to a shelter. When Rory learned he was at the shelter, she wanted him back right away.

Rory would’ve got her dog out sooner, but she had to first prove he was up to date on all his vaccinations. After two weeks, she returned to the shelter with the necessary papers in hand.

But there was another problem.

Since Glock had been at the shelter for two weeks, it was going to cost some money to get him out.
Unfortunately, Rory didn’t have the funds. As you can imagine, she was distraught. There she was with his vet papers yet she still couldn’t bring her precious pup home.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/keepingupwithaidette

As Rory stood there, she broke out crying. She kept saying, “Can I please have my dog?” Between sobs, she continued, “I don’t have any money to get him out.” She was truly beside herself. The last thing she wanted was to leave him behind to face an uncertain future.

That’s when Jade asked which dog belonged to her.
Crying heavily, Rory responded it was Glock. Thinking she wasn’t going to win the battle, she was completely distraught. But what happened next wasn’t what she expected.

Source: Facebook/Jessica Jade

Jade was so touched by the love this woman had for her pup she explained that she’d get him. But she went further. Jade also told this woman that she could get her dog out of the facility and they weren’t going to charge her.

“I tell her, ‘it’s okay, we got you. You’re getting your dog back,’” Jade wrote on Facebook.

First, the shelter had to process the paperwork. From there, they would bring Glock to his owner so they could be reunited. And the best part?

This woman wasn’t charged a dime for the standard “redemption” fees. She paid nothing.

Now this woman had to patiently wait. Soon, Jade came out with Glock on a leash. She described their beautiful reunion in her Facebook post:

“[Glock] was jumping and prancing he was so happy to see her, and she was crying and hugging him. Their love and bond are deep. We provided her with some dog food and a neuter voucher, which she was grateful for.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot/LedgenProductions

After talking to Rory, Jade learned that she had a couple of kitties at home. Taking their kindness one step further, the facility provided the woman with dog food, a voucher to have Glock neutered, and additional vouchers to have her cats spayed and neutered.

This story proves that not everyone who can’t pay to get their animals out of the shelter is irresponsible. In this case, not only did Rory need help but Glock also needed to go home where he belonged.

Source: Unsplash/Jared Murray

But that wasn’t the end of the story.
Jade was so touched by Glock and Rory’s bond. Rory told Jade that she was struggling to keep a roof over her head. But even though she was going through a hard time, she always made sure her pets were taken care of. When Glock was stolen, she never stopped looking for him.

“She would go across the street to use her neighbor’s phone to check the lost pets listings on the shelter’s website because she doesn’t have a phone,” Jade wrote on GoFundMe.

Jade made a GoFundMe page after Rory’s story went viral on her Facebook page. She set a goal for $3,000 and quickly raised that and more. Everyone was touched by Rory’s dedication to Glock.

Rory is clearly a very loving dog owner who needed some help. We’re so glad she and Glock are doing better now!

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