Shy Homeless Pit Bull With A Broken Leg Hides Under A Bush On Side Of The Road

A pit bull breed dog was left on the side of the road feeling terrible pain due to a broken leg. She couldn’t bring herself to move because the pain was too much.

People that saw her refused to help since she was a “scary looking pit bull” so for the next few days the poor canine began starving and eventually gave up all hopes of survival.

Thankfully a passerby alerted the rescue group “Hope For Paws” about Karma’s situation, and a rescuer quickly drove for 45 minutes to rescue her.

Locals warned the rescuer to be wary of the Pit Bull, but he simply didn’t care. As Karma was approached by the rescuer , she stared at him with her strikingly beautiful eyes, only to turn her face away.

Poor thing had enough and didn’t want to interact with anyone.

The rescuer sensed the dog’s despair and hopelessness so he wanted to make her feel secure in his presence.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

He petted her gently while feeding her than started to coax her to go with him, the pooch accepted the food but didn’t seem interested getting rescued it was clear that the dog didn’t trust humans at all and wanted to be alone even if it was risking of passing away in a slow painful death.

The man saw that Karma won’t come with him willingly so he cautiously put a leash around her neck to see if she would be okay with that.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Strangely, the pooch was quite submissive and did not act up with the leash. As the rescuer continued petting her, she took a leap of trust, stood up and agreed to follow him earnestly.

The pooch put her trust into this stranger but something told her that this was all for her own good and healing, that realisation made her sweeter and she rested her head on her savior’s lap and proceeded to shower him with many thankful kisses.

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