Sly Cat Steals The Strangest Things From Neighbors To ‘Gift’ To Her Mom

Ina household, it’s important that everything functions well. That means that everybody has to do their part, and sometimes, even the pets help around. This adorable little kitten thinks it’s her duty to provide for the entire family,“[She gets] up every morning as if it was her job to go out there and provide for the family,” cat owner Mónica Vicéns told The Dodo.

It all started when Mónica heard a friend talking about three adorable kittens that were roaming in her backyard, who were seemingly abandoned by their mom.The poor kitties needed help and Mónica didn’t hesitate one second to foster all three.
There was one furry friend in particular that she had really grown accustomed to, and it appeared as if it was mutual.

The smallest of the tree, white adorable brown and white fur, instantly made a connection with her.When it was time to part with the three kittens, Mónica decided to keep this one and adopt her permanently. She listens to the name China, and she also managed to befriend Mónica’s other cat Waffles – which made the decision to keep her a lot easier.

“China was the only girl and the runt of the three,” the woman added. “I already had a 4-month-old male kitten named Waffles from that same yard and had fallen in love with China, so I decided to keep her.”

Source: Mónica Vicéns via The Dodo

For months, everything went smoothly and Mónica and the cats were one big happy family. When they moved, however, she started noticing some weird behavior from China.

They moved to a larger place with a big backyard – a perfect spot for the cats to roam around. However, it’s as if the little white and brown tabby wanted to explore even more freedom.

It was a true change for the kitten, as she suddenly seemed to have become quite the huntress. On a regular basis, Mónica would find the cat coming back home with some kind of creature!

Source: Instagram – @songsofmyfelines

“It got to the point that we had to keep all the doors and windows closed making sure she wasn’t able to get out because she always snuck in with some live creature in her mouth,” she recalls. “She would get up every morning as if it was her job to go out there and provide for the family.”

From that point on, it happened every single day – until mom had enough of it.
Let’s be honest, even though China definitely meant well by ‘gifting’ her bugs, insects, and small creatures, it’s not exactly the presents you’d like to receive. Mónica made it clear that China couldn’t just leave the home and go outside, and that seemed to work.

However, China desperately still wanted to give mom presents, so she decided to shift her attention to finding things that were already inside the home.

Source: Instagram – @songsofmyfelines

The adorable cat even brings the socks of Mónica’s roommate to her door as a gift!
“She was making some weird meows so we slowly peeked around the corner and saw her dropping the sock by my door,” Vicéns said. “It was the funniest thing we had seen!”

And it turns out that this cat was a lot more mischievous than Mónica first imagined because she would find her way back outside anyway. Luckily, she seemed to have learned the lesson that insects and bugs are a no-go, so China started getting her owner some regular items instead.

Matches, cigarettes, anything that China could find and could carry, she left at her owner’s door.

“A few days later, more items started appearing and that’s when I pieced it together,” she said. “She had been burglarizing my neighbor’s yard and wouldn’t stop. I would put everything back in their yard as soon as she dropped it and she would bring them back immediately, like, ‘Hey! I thought I gave you this!’ So, I had to wait until the end of the day to return all the items.”

Mónica even figured out her daily routine after a while.

Source: Mónica Vicéns via The Dodo

“She’ll quickly run to her favorite patch of dirt to roll around in it then she’s off to burglarize the streets,” she said. “She’ll come back with something, drop it at my door, sit and yell for me.”

Nobody wanted to believe that her cat was doing all of these burglaries, so she decided to set up a camera to capture the funny footage and post it on social media.
“I couldn’t keep covering for her so I came clean,” she said. “I left the neighbors a bag with their items and a note explaining what was going on.”

Luckily, the neighbors didn’t mind what was going on at all, even though they regularly have to pick up some of their items at Mónica’s place.

And even though China needs a whole lot of attention sometimes, Mónica wouldn’t want to miss her for the world.

“[She] loves to roll around in dirt, hunt, steal, knock things off tables and annoy me as much as possible and I love her to death,” she concluded. “She makes me laugh every day.”

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