St Bernard Is Stuck In Muddy Ditch For 18 Hours Until Dachshund Best Friend Comes To Save Her

Dogs are pack animals who are incredibly loyal to the ones they love. We see this loyalty all the time with dogs and their humans, but it also extends to members of their own species. The story of a heroic Dachshund named Razor and his best friend, Jazzy, a St. Bernard, is perfect proof of this.

When Jazzy and Razor’s owner was at work one day, Jazzy got out of her yard.

Apparently, the adorable Dachshund went out to look for Jazzy and was even able to find her, but she was completely stuck in a muddy ditch. Jazzy is a fairly large dog and weighs just about 180 pounds, so there was no way that Razor would be able to free his best friend out of her dangerous predicament by himself.

The next morning, Jazzy tried to capture the attention of his owner Tim Chavez who was just about to leave for work.
Even though Tim noticed that Jazzy was behaving unusually strange, he didn’t realize that the Dachshund was trying to tell him where Jazzy was.

“I went to feed him and he was kind of going crazy, trying to get my attention,” Tim said to KRQE.

In an unsuccessful attempt to get his owner’s attention, the small Dachshund didn’t give up. He kept op barking wildly until a neighbor showed up to see what was going on.

Razor then immediately ran towards the scene to get some help for Jazzy.
The neighbor followed and contacted the proper authorities to make sure Jazzy got out of the ditch safely.

First responders showed up quickly and were able to safely pull Jazzy out of the ditch.
The St. Bernard was at least two feet stuck in the mud and eight rescuers were needed to rescue her. Jazzy couldn’t move at all. The Belen firefighters and police officers used backboard straps and a spine board to finally bring Jazzy on firm ground again after 18 long hours.

The rescue was a unique situation for the Belen Fire Department, according to the chief.

“It’s never happened in my career. You know, in this business, we see a lot of things, and this is the first time that we’ve participated in something like this.”

Razor’s heroic actions to save his best friend didn’t go unnoticed by the city council. The Dachshund was honored with an official award and certificate.

“It really means a lot. You don’t really realize how attached you are to your pets until something like this happens,” owner Tim Chavez concluded.

Jazzy and Razor did a wonderful job rescuing each other. We also hope that Tim learned his lesson from this and makes his yard more secure. That way, Jazzy and Razor will be able to simply relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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