Stranger Helps Two Car Accident Victims And Then Watches Their Two Dogs

We sometimes look at the world as being a very cold and distant place. Perhaps it could even be from personal experience, but we should never overlook the kindness that exists in the world around us as well.

A man by the name of Matthew Van De Riet is a good example of kindness. He lives in Nova Scotia, and he happened to find himself at a random location when an accident occurred.

It all started when he was on a very quiet area of the highway and he saw a dog along the road. It seems as if there were two dogs, a Bassett hound named Kipper who was 10 years old, and Merlin, a two-year-old German Shepherd.

Van De Riet was able to help the dogs and get them to safety and then he looked into the car, that was flipped over and badly damaged.

Both of the individuals in the car, a man and his girlfriend, were alive but they were in bad shape.

He began to administer first aid right away and then asked someone else who was passing by to call medical personnel. The female passenger was injured to the point where she needed to be airlifted to the hospital, although her injuries were not life-threatening.

Those were some kind deeds but Van De Riet took things to the next level when he drove the man and his dogs to the Halifax hospital so he could be with his girlfriend. After finding out that they didn’t have anywhere for the dogs to stay, he decided to take them into his own home.


In an interview with CBC News, he said: “I figured the least I could do was take those dogs home with me. I knew the pups were shaken up-and I know if somebody was in an accident and their loved one is hurt, the last thing they need to worry about is their dogs.”


He also was concerned about the health of the dogs, even though they seemed to be fine. It took them to the veterinarian and then brought them home so that they could get acclimated to their new surroundings. He has two miniature Dobermans, so he needed to introduce them to the visitors.


In the end, he claims that it was the least he could do. In reality, the least you can do is nothing so I would say his acts of kindness really show what people are capable of doing.

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