Stray Dog Barks And Gets Biker To Follow Him To A Squirming Bundle In A Towel

It was Junrell Fuentes Revilla who was out riding his motorcycle in the mountains near Cebu in the Philippines when a barking dog caught his attention. The dog chased after him and seemed to be trying to tell him something. So the man pulled over and followed the dog to the top of the mountain.

And Junrell couldn’t believe his own eyes when he saw the squirming bundle in a brown towel; It was a newborn baby abandoned in the middle of nowhere. He picked the child up and headed for the nearest police station right away, and the Department of Social Welfare would take it from there. Thankfully, the baby was found to be in good health!

Source: Hope For Strays/Facebook

After the story spread to the local news, rescuers from Hope For Strays set out to find the heroic pooch. But they would come across a man who claimed the be the dog’s owner. He took them over to his house where they saw “Blacky” with three other dogs! The selfless dog wasn’t a stray after all.

Source: Hope For Strays/Facebook

Hope For Strays was happy to see Blacky had a loving home, but it was obvious the family needed all the help they could get. And it wasn’t long before the entire community reached out to donate food, pet supplies, and more for support!

Source: Hope For Strays/Facebook

It turns out Blacky not only saved a baby’s life but changed the fortunes of his family’s future a little bit. What a hero!

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