Stray Dog Runs Up To Teens And Begs Them To Save His Drowning Friend

A young YouTube vlogger named Trevor Costelloe loves urban exploring. He often visits abandoned structures around San Diego, and he documents everything he sees on his YouTube channel.

One day, one of Trevor’s videos took a surprising twist.
Trevor and his friend Dave went to visit an abandoned water park, and they ran into a group of stray dogs who needed their help.

When Trevor and Dave first arrived at the water park, they thought they were completely alone.
But as they began exploring, they noticed a big white dog running around near the slides. The dog kept looking over at the boys, and it seemed like he was trying to get their attention.

The boys decided to head over to the dog, but when they reached him, they saw he wasn’t alone. There was also a pit bull with him.

The pit bull and white dog led the boys over to a pool. To the boys’ shock, there was a third dog trapped in the pool.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

If they didn’t help, he was going to drown.
“Oh, there’s a dog in there!” Trevor shouted in surprise.

Trevor ran over to the pool and tried to grab the terrified dog’s paws.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

After a few moments, Trevor was able to get a good grip on the brown dog, and he pulled the pup out of the water.

“I cannot believe that happened,” Trevor said. “We barely saved that dog. If we didn’t come here to film today and explore this place, that dog honestly would have drowned. He barely had any strength left.”

The white dog and pit bull were so happy to see that their friend was okay. The two dogs sniffed the other dog, and all their tails kept wagging.

Soon after this, the white dog and the brown dog ran off, but the pit bull stayed behind with the boys for a few minutes.

He seemed to be thanking Trevor and Dave for their help!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Trevor posted the video to YouTube, and it received millions of views. Everyone was amazed by the way these boys were in the right place at the right time.

Many people commented on the ways the dogs’ reacted to Trevor and Dave. Lots of commenters loved the way the pit bull stayed behind to thank the rescuers.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“I like how initially they were afraid of the pitbull, but in the end it was the only dog to stay behind to say ‘thanks,’” one commenter wrote.

When Dave and Trevor went to explore the water park, they could have never guessed how the day would turn out. They certainly didn’t expect to be heroes to a trio of dogs!

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