Stray Puppy Full Of Bullets And Hit By A Car Gets A New Chance At Life

It’d be nice if all of the animals in the world had loving homes to return to or their own place in nature. However, that’s far from reality.

Irresponsible pet owners and breeders have resulted in numerous stray dogs that roam the streets, and often, their quality of life isn’t great. Beyond their struggles of finding food and shelter, many have to survive the cruelty of humans who are out to get them.

For one poor stray named Peggy, she’d run into the worst of luck. Not only had someone shot her repeatedly with a pellet gun, but she was then run over by a car.

Thankfully, her bad luck changed for the better when DAR Animal Rescue found her. The rescue received a call from a small town in Greece regarding a little puppy in need of some help.

Upon arriving at Peggy’s location, they discovered the one-year-old pup had been badly injured by a car. She was in desperate need of medical care, and when they took her in for an X-ray, they discovered the horrible truth: Someone had shot her with a pellet gone all over her body.


The rescue shared on Facebook, “Can you imagine living among people who shoot a small, defenceless stray dog? Why would anyone do this? Unbelievable. Peggy is safe under our care now, and is staying at the vets where she is being kept comfortable.”


Peggy was treated to remove the bullets and help her injury from the car incident heal. Once she was strong enough, the rescue workers returned her to the village she was from. However, this time, she wouldn’t be a stray, but she would live with a kind foster mother.


Once she’s healed completely, Peggy will be up for adoption to a loving home who will treat her with the kindness she never knew before.

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