Sweet Rottweiler Can’t Contain Her Joy When Nana And Grandad Come To Visit

We all have that favorite family member – you don’t have to lie! While we may pretend that we don’t, it’s true. Kids, especially, don’t feel the need to lie about it. If you ask them who their favorite grandparent is, you can expect a response quickly, even if it is a bit capricious.For kids, it’s usually because a certain grandparent or aunt gives them candy when they want it!

That’s the best part about being extended family though, right? Being able to spoil the kids of the family in ways their parents can’t is just part of the job. It’s like that grandpa who, for some reason, always carried a mint around in his pocket and was willing to give it to anyone who asked.Funny enough, the same thing seems to work with dogs!

Dogs definitely have favorite people. Without a doubt, a dog will let you know if they like someone or they don’t. Different dogs have their tells, but it’s a sure reality that they prefer certain people over others.Usually, like with kids, that preference comes down to whoever gives them treats under the table!Who said bribery isn’t a valid way of getting a dog to like you?

It works! Humans and dogs don’t seem to be that much different when you put it in those sorts of terms. Although it could create bad habits, letting your dog (or your kid) get spoiled every now and again isn’t all that bad.

Source: YouTube

Kiara is a Rottweiler that lives with her family in Nottinghamshire, UK. She loves her family, but when someone special comes over, she simply can’t control herself! The resulting video is absolutely adorable shows just how much love is contained inside a dog.

When Kiara sees her grandparents, she loses it!

Source: YouTube

“Kiara is a beautiful little Rottweiler that gets extremely excited and happy when her Nanna and Grandad come to visit her at her home. The bum wiggles, the noises she makes and trying to get through the window just make you want to smile,” the video’s description says.

We can see it all play out in a video her family uploaded. It starts off with her sitting on the couch, waiting to see who gets out of the car that just parked on the street near them.

Source: YouTube

As the door opens and then slams closed, Kiara sees who came to visit!

It’s her grandparents, Nanna and Grandad! Letting out squeals of excitement and joy, Kiara nearly flips herself off the couch from being so excited! She is wagging her tail so hard that she almost throws herself sideways while still trying to look out the window – it’s an adorable example of just how much she loves her family.

You can see it on the grandparent’s faces as they walk in – they are excited too!

Kiara’s love isn’t one-sided and her family clearly loves her back just as much. They walk up to the window to say hi then continue on inside. We can’t be sure of anything, but we would probably guess there were definitely some treats given soon after this video was taken!

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