Terrified Pitbull With Broken Leg Hides In Bushes As Every Passerby Ignores Her

A good samaritan is usually seen as a person who decides to help when nobody else will. In the story from the bible, people walked past an injured man and completely ignored him as he was left dying. After the dying man watched others pass by and ignore him, one person finally stopped – a Samaritan. We all have moments in life where we can walk on and ignore someone’s pain or decide to help.

Hope for Paws received a call about a pit bull in Long Beach who was clearly injured. People had been walking pa0s the injured dog and completely ignoring it, probably because of the negative stereotypes of the breed. Hope for Paws decided to go out and help, knowing that most of those stereotypes are dead wrong.When the rescuer arrived, Karma was hiding under a bush, totally afraid and hurt.

Her leg was broken and she was underfed. It was clear that she had been through quite a bit of abuse in her life on the street. Karma had been sitting there for who knows how long as people went about their business – seemingly without a care. It wasn’t until Hope for Paws went out that Karma got the attention she needed.

The rescuer approached the poor pup and offered her food as a gift.

Source: Pexels

After being a little afraid, Karma finally accepted it and started to trust the rescuer. The “scary” and “terrifying” breed just wanted someone to love her. The next step was to get a lead on her and see if they could get her to a place to receive treatment.

After a few head pats, Karma was totally trusting of the new human.

It was clear that Karma didn’t want to hurt anyone, she was just scared and needed someone to care for her. Within moments she was snuggled up into this human’s arms and licking his face. Scary, right?

The next step was to get her in the car and get her treated.

Source: YouTube

The man who rescued her continued to shower love on the little girl as they drove down the highway. There were no issues and Karma was totally willing to follow the man who was loving on her. Ultimately, the rescue was a success!

Karma would probably need surgery on her leg as well as some other medicine.

Street dogs usually have worms or infections of some type and she would need some medication to keep her healthy. The man who rescued her explained how much money it really costs to rescue a dog like Karma and it’s truly staggering. It all relies on the kindness of people who donate!

Source: YouTube

The Coastal German Shepherd Rescue was able to take Karma in and focus on finding her a new home as soon as possible. The owner of the Hope for Paws channel was in the midst of a fundraising campaign and was thankful for the help. Despite being incredibly busy, he still dropped everything to save the sweet pup. That’s a good samaritan in our book!

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