The adorable mini Goldendoodle kisses the father in front of the camera

Different breeds have different energy levels. For example, the German Shepherd is full of energy and therefore needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. On the other hand, a breed like the Basset Hound tends to be more laid-back and doesn’t require a lot of daily interaction.

Some dog breeds also suffer from separation anxiety. Take Goldendoodles, for example, who are known to cause separation anxiety when they are away from their masters for a long time. However, one owner of a small Goldendoodle found a clever way to interact with his dog using the camera of the ring.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Ring

Ring and other home security companies offer homeowners an easy way to monitor and protect their homes from potential burglars, in addition to the popular doorbell cameras. As part of this protection, the ring, like many home security companies, offers cameras that can be used indoors.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Ring

Goldenoodles are known to have a tendency towards separation anxiety.Goldendoodles tend to develop separation anxiety when their owners are not around, which can lead to destructive behavior on their part, so when Scott picked up a mini-goldendoodle named Bella, he knew I had to do something to keep an eye on for your new puppy. …

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Ring

For this, he has an annular chamber. In one video, Scott can be heard calling Bella’s name. The curious puppy ran into the living room looking for dad. She knows he’s out there somewhere. to find out where he is hiding. In the video of the incident, Scott calls her again, “Bella, where have you been? Have you got any problems? A very intelligent dog, Bella recognizes this voice very quickly. ” coming from, or at least from the general area.When she approached the cell, Scott called her back and said that he would be home soon.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Ring

Only then did he realize where Scott’s voice was coming from. You can see her approaching the camera. Is there his master somewhere? “I thought it was great that he was looking for me, and then I found the camera he was talking to,” Scott said. Bella reacts sweetly when she listens to her father. Right after that, she licks the camera and gives her dad a lot of hot dog kisses. The viewers of the video liked the actions of the puppy.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Ring

Luckily it worked for Bella and Scott. Some viewers even commented that while they thought using a home security camera in this way was a great idea, they would not be able to do any work as they would be talking to their dog all day.

In many cases, you don’t even need a ring camera to help your dog deal with separation anxiety. Here are some other ways to calm your goldendoodle or other dog when you’re not at home. Your dog can relax and take a break from destructive behavior. This could be a room with a comfortable bed, water, and toys. Use pet doors at the entrance, one above the other, to prevent entry.

Energize your pets when you are at home, in the morning, after work, or both. This should be at least 40-60 minutes of sufficient exercise, such as walking, running, or playing. You can also talk to your veterinarian about other ways to help your dog if he is suffering from separation anxiety.

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