The boy went missing for 15 hours, but then a 17-year-old deaf dog led his family to the right place.

We all know that dogs are great companions and that they are endlessly loyal. Sometimes this dedication can even inspire heroic action. This was the case with a 17-year-old girl named Max. An elderly dog, partially blind and deaf, helped save the life of Aurora, a three-year-old girl named Aurora from Queensland, Australia.

In only one T-shirt and trousers, Aurora walked with Max into the Australian bush; however, this was not long before it was lost. When Aurora’s family realized that she was missing, a search began with the participation of the entire community, the local police, as well as neighbors mobilized to find the boy.

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3 years old, the search lasted almost 15 hours, and what was the weather like. but ideally cold and rainy, but there were over 100 people there. Move to find girls. Aurora’s grandmother, Leisa Bennett, participated in the search that went on all night.

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As he wandered through the bushes, his ears perked up when he heard his niece’s voice. Bennett told a local resident, “I ran up the mountain, and when I reached the top, the dog ran up to me and led me there.

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The search party follows Max to the top of a steep hill, where they find Aurora, frightened and cold, but otherwise healthy. he said ABC.

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“It is very difficult for her to survive without any negative consequences, and everyone, all volunteers, are extremely happy. Despite the fact that Max is old, he is deaf.

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And the barely noticeable sweet green girl stayed with Aurora all night. not to mention that he sent a search and rescue team directly at her. He smelled of a dog, he slept with a dog. Lisa Bennett explained.

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