The couple found a small cub on a mountain covered in blue paint.

While driving, they saw a small dog on the side of the road. Alarmed, Wes and Enes stopped the car. They immediately approached the puppy, and the first thing they noticed was that the puppy was blue. In addition, the couple saw something like blood on the side of the puppy’s body,

the puppy was not scared, did not try to run away or defend himself, he was very calm and even moved when they saw people trying. Help him, Wes and Enes decide to take the poor puppy with them, but they see a bitch and three other puppies. their family’s injured puppy, so they watch what the mother dog does.

Unfortunately, the mother and the others only needed to sniff it, and they all went up the hill, leaving the child alone. They were waiting for the mother’s return. At first they thought he would return because of his injured puppy. But it gets dark, but she’s gone.

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Enes and Wes grabbed a blanket, lifted the poor puppy and carried him back to his hotel room. They immediately dipped baby Blue into a much-needed bath and were surprised that the puppy just relaxed and enjoyed the warm water.

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The wound was washed and bandaged, after which the tired puppy fell asleep. The couple woke up around 2 am and heard Blue cry. There was a fever. They wasted no time and took him to the vet 24/7.There, the vet informs the couple that Blue may have fallen from one of the steep hills, and that someone may have treated him with an antiseptic, thus explaining the color blue.

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If Enes and Wes don’t save little Blue, he will die. Shortly thereafter, Blue returned to his playful self. He very quickly changed from a stray dog ​​to a traveling puppy.

She loves hotels, tourist attractions and, of course, the love she gets. Enes and Wes love Blue so much that they have to make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives.

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The couple decided that it was best for Blue to have a permanent home that would suit her needs. play, you can have a daily routine and just live your ideal life. Enes and Wes travel constantly, and bringing Blue is not an option.They love him so much and want the best for him.

They soon found Austin, Tory, and their one-year-old golden retriever Bogi. They fly to Denver, Colorado, where Blue finally meets his new family. They just click! He welcomed it and even ruined it. Now Blue is almost as big as Bogie! He also has his own Instagram account, so Wes and Enes can still see news about him. Of course, we also want to see what it looks like.

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