The Curious Young Koala Crawls Up The Human Arm And Refuses To Go

While seeing a person connect with a dog or cat is fairly normal, things are a little different when it comes to wild animals. When it comes to their young, wild animals are well-known for being overprotective. As a result, any human presence is usually regarded as a danger. The adorable koalas, on the other hand, appear to be taking a different approach to this.

We’ve been witnessed to so many interactions between baby koalas and other species, and all of them have been nothing but adorable. Thus, a cute little joey hugging a completely stranger could not be any different. In a heartwarming footage, a curious little koala just climbs off its mom’s back, only to climb on to a man’s arm that approached them.

Credits: Meagan Pfitzner

Koalas are known as very asocial creatures and the bond between the moms and their little joeys are unbreakable. Therefore, this unlikely interaction is even more fascinating.

Credits: Meagan Pfitzner

Meagan Pfitzner, a 40-year-old lady from Adelaide, South Australia, captured the lovely footage on camera. The woman was strolling outside with her kid when she came upon a koala mother and infant sipping water from a creek. Meagan’s son, an animal lover, approached the couple with caution, handing them a Eucalyptus leaf. He didn’t expect them to be so nice, though.

Credits: Meagan Pfitzner

The tiny koala unintentionally crawls onto the boy’s arm at one point. “We couldn’t believe it,” the woman expressed her disbelief. “We were just so amazed that the koalas were so trusting and comfortable with us. This is the first time I’ve ever had an encounter like this. Everyone keeps assuring me that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

The kid tried to place the small joey back on its mother after a few minutes of tenderness, but the tiny koala appeared to adore its newest buddy so much that it refused to leave his arm. Meagan stated, “I don’t think the tiny creature wanted to leave us.” “Every day, I glance out the window to see whether it’s been returned.” It was a fantastic experience.”

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