The cutest cat brothers are still ignored because they are blind

Arthur and Gabriel were rescued from the RSPCA construction site at different times, and it was only when the second brother was rescued that they realized they needed to take care of their first brother, and both were quickly reunited. Both kittens were blinded by feline flu and other complications, so both had to have their eyes removed.

These cute little brothers are alike in every way, and now they too are looking for a home together. Great, siblings have not shown any interest from potential adoptive parents so far. Arthur and Gabrielle may be blind, but by all accounts they are typical kittens and everyone at RSPCA knows they will be the best addition to a perfectly well-to-do family.

kitten brothersRSPCA

“Arthur and Gabrielle are adorable, friendly and loving kittens who, after everything they’ve been through, really deserve a special home,” said Sophie Moran Barker, RSPCA Cat Relocation Coordinator, in an article: “We are concerned that Potential adoptive parents may be disappointed with a kitten’s loss of sight, but blindness does not prevent them from leading a fulfilling life.

blind kitten brothersRSPCA

Even if kittens do not see once they have settled in the environment, it is easy to forget this fact and they even like to do a little damage.

blind kitten brothersRSPCA

Arthur is very adventurous and often finds himself in unexpected places.

blind kitten brothersRSPCA

Gabriel is a little more calm and level-headed than his brother, preferring to hug his best friend at every opportunity.

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