The dog from the shelter scared everyone until a kind woman came to his aid

Like humans, animals need to feel loved and protected to stay healthy. An animal that has experienced difficulties or whose owners are not very kind may by nature be afraid. Even after they have been taken out of the situation, it is difficult for them to relax. In a video posted on the Internet, the same can be seen at a dog shelter.

We are talking about Kanye, a dog from a shelter who lives in the animal shelter of Brest in Craiova. Romania: At the beginning of the video, you can see that Kanye is scared: he is driven into a cradle, and one of the workers is trying to carefully approach him.

Dogs’ body language also shows how insecure they feel when curled up with their tails under their bodies. It is known that trying to pet a dog with this behavior can be very difficult. However, the brave employee feels that Kanye needs love and affection.

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While Kanye cried and screamed, the clerk continued to gently stroke me while squatting.A few seconds later, something incredible happened, instead of resisting, the frightened cry of the dog turned into another cry of pain and sadness, however, he turned to his guardian and began to cry. The head feels a little more comfortable with everything that happens.

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More than just an example from this video to make Kanye feel totally at ease, the staff never give up and continue to show him all the love he needs. Thanks to their compassion, Kanye was able to change a lot. After a while, an interesting savior Kerry Wallacott posted news about Kanye on Facebook.

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I’m sure you all now remember the famous crying puppy, his videos go viral, his crying touches everyone’s heart. This is little Kane who just visited the vet.

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His vaccinations are set to leave Romania on December 17 to start a new life in the UK. At the time of her death, she weighed 6 kg, now, thanks to great love and care, she now weighs 9.5 kg!😊 Many thanks to the sponsor who paid most of the cost of the trip.

We’re delighted that Kanye is in a safe place where he can recover and live his best life. Now you are in a wonderful warm home where you will surely flourish. and develop!

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