The dog is so grateful for the salvation that he cannot stop hugging everyone he meets.

For Thoreau, this was an expression of the boundless love and gratitude that he felt after being saved from the hell in which he lived. The offended puppy was found chained to a fence in front of an abandoned building, and rescuers believe he most likely spent his entire life on the street.

When Thoreau first arrived at the orphanage, he was very scared and nervous. Lonely, careless and wise, the dog does not know what to expect from him. But while he is shy and careful, it is clear that he is a very kind and kind-hearted dog who just wants to be a good boy. From the moment he arrives at the shelter, he gradually tries to get out of his shell.

And while you still feel anxious and overwhelmed at times, you have come a long way because, despite struggling with his insecurities, Thoreau does his best to tell his rescuers how much he loves and values ​​them.

With such care and kindness, Ess and her little heart were so filled with love for them that she had to show it, and she began to hug all the people she met at the shelter.

It all started one day when she was training in a bunker. asylum playground.

He’s lost in this sea of ​​dogs, ”Fogarty told The Dodo. But now that Thoreau is starting to gain attention online, we’re sure his forever-future family will soon find out about him and just find out that they want to give him the life he always had to lead.

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