The dog won’t stop laughing after he buys a chair that suits his mom

Lindsay Dyer loves to cuddle with her dog, a hybrid named Franklin. But a rescued puppy can be a little intrusive, especially when Dyer has to go to work. “He was a very cool guy,” Dyer told The Dodo. while he can be with his people or with his feline brother Bagheera.

Dyer enjoys doing his job in the gray chair, but Franklin sees his mother in the comfortable chair as an invitation to hug. This worked for Dyer and the perfect solution was then proposed. “When the pandemic started, I was working with remote controls. says Dyer.

Dog steals mom's armchairLINDSAY DYER

“I found that IKEA had a suitable highchair and I was really hoping to buy it. I will stop stealing mine and go looking for it on the very first day of IKEA’s opening.“The decision to let him get his own seat was purely selfish,” he added.

Dog gets a tiny armchairLINDSAY DYER

When Dyer brought home a matching chair, he ordered Franklin’s favorite stuffed animal and immediately knew what that meant. “Needless to say, he was very happy,” Dyer said. “This is his favorite place in my office. However, my cat brother Franklin also loves this little chair and has decided that this is his special place.


Fortunately, Franklin is very generous. When he makes room for Bagheera, ”close friends, and sometimes enemies. Dyer said. They shared a chair, which annoyed Bag.


But they constantly curl up in a chair or whatever they can find in bed, and don’t like sleeping without each other.

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