The employees who called immediately fell in love with the abandoned puppy.

Officer Marcus Montgomery called the Animal Welfare Association Panhandle in Florida, and it all ended when one of the caretakers walked in to tell him about someone new. “You know Vader needs a brother,” he told her. Vader is a 4-year-old Pit Bull Terrier for Officer Montgomery whom he adopted from the same orphanage.

“She brought me this little boy, quiet, no whining, no barking, just quiet,” Officer Montgomery wrote on Imgur. “She explained to me that he and 9 other puppies were left in a crate and placed on the black step of the shelter for the night (it was 37 degrees Celsius the night before, remember), and when they come in, they find there.”

So I can hug him and he hugs me immediately, ”Montgomery said. “Needless to say, Kylo is coming home. Tomorrow as a birthday present for my girlfriend. TL; doctor: man Leaving the puppies on the cold porch.He is mine.

People left Kylo and his peers in the cold, but the Montgomery police and his girlfriend certainly didn’t! Vader will soon have a new brother to love and take care of. He’s already smiling! It’s so cute! And an unexpected adoption story!

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