The family put the dog in a shelter just because he was about to give birth

When the family of this lovable gaur decided to bring new life into the world, it almost marked the end of his own life. In preparation for the birth of a child, the family decided to abandon their puppy, Smiley. an asylum where his anxious attitude led him to a killer list, although he was not sick or aggressive.

Poor Smiley was scared and distraught after losing her family and hometown. Luckily, the local Pound Hounds ResQ is planning to get Smiley out of hiding and remove him from the killer list. All that was missing was a suitable shelter, and it was then that Elena Kagui arrived at the scene.

Smiley spoke to Kaguya on a deeper level and his story made her cry: “I cried when I saw that no one in the comments said they were receptive.My husband realized that I was crying, he read the message and said, “We can’t have a dog right now,” Kagui said in an interview with Dodo.

When Kaguya was joined by her husband, Smiley’s fate finally began to clear up. But Kaguya was patient, and gradually, day after day, Kaguya, starting his new family, noticed that he pulled less on a leash, slept all night and was looking forward to meeting other dogs and people in the park.

The neurotic dog has turned into an affectionate, loving puppy, and Kaguy and her husband soon find they can’t wait to bring Smiley into a new family. They understand that their fate is more than his foster family, they will also forever remain his family.

Now Kaguya and her husband are preparing to officially adopt Smiley.They will make sure that you are never homeless or unconscious again. Smiley’s has finally found a family that truly loves and cares for him and doesn’t consider him a trash or an inconvenience.

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