The girl disguised as Little Red Riding Hood and her Husky Big Bad Wolf were so adorable it went viral.

This girl and Miss Husky, because the virus has disappeared from their beautiful outfits. Girls named Agatha celebrated a carnival in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, dressed as the classic fairy tale characters of Little Red Riding Hood. by himself, but his partner performed the scene even better.

Her lovely husky puppy, Yanuca, keeps her company, dressed as the Big Bad Wolf. In particular, he was dressed as a Big Bad Wolf disguised as Mrs. Little Red Riding Hood. It’s too sweet to be believed. with a purple shawl and complete the look with a small hat and reading glasses.

The Nice Guy looked like he’d just stepped off the pages of a storybook and matched Agatha’s pretty outfit perfectly.

We’ve all seen Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and it’s not surprising that everyone is absolutely delighted with this pair.

They seem to have a great friendship, and little Agatha is lucky that she grew up with such a sweet and loving friend next to her.

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