The Kittens Can’t Get Enough Of The Officer Who Saved Their Lives

Two Texas cops had just completed dealing with a theft complaint at a local TJ Maxx store when they were abruptly summoned to assist with something else: two small kittens trapped beneath a car in the parking lot. Concerned for the kittens’ welfare, the cops rushed up to the suspect vehicle, where they instantly heard small meows coming from beneath the vehicle.

“They found the kittens inside the bumper, where they were most likely put for some purpose by the mother cat,” Jesse Minton of the Arlington Police Department told The Dodo. “The car’s owner stated that she did not own a cat and had no idea how the kittens got in.”

Officer Joe Bob Adkins was able to reach beneath the car and gently retrieve the small, bewildered kittens once they had worked out where they were.

Officer Adkins brought the kittens back to the police cruiser as soon as they were secure and just held them, trying to make them feel protected and loved, and the kittens couldn’t get enough of him. They were smitten with their new companion and snuggled up on his chest in the nicest way possible.

The cops brought the kittens to a vet right after, who estimated that they were approximately 6 weeks old and were happy to learn that they were in good health. Because they had no clue how long the kittens had been beneath the car, they believed they were hungry and fed them formula from a small bottle, falling more and more in love with them by the minute.

Officer Adkins fell in love with the small kittens the more time they spent with him, and it didn’t take long for him to decide to legally adopt them into his family.

The two kittens are settling in nicely to their new home, and they couldn’t adore their new dad any more. He may not have intended to bring home two new family members that day, but he couldn’t help himself once they cuddled up to him.

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