The Moment A Little Puppy Finally Realizes He Has A Forever Home

Anyone who’s accepted a new dog into their lives knows that there can sometimes be a transition period. Some dogs need a bit of time to adjust to their new home and family, and some may need a little extra love to feel that they’re really part of the family.

When dogs accept their place in a new home, it’s one of the sweetest things.Nervous, timid, or rescue dogs especially may struggle to really believe that they’ve got a forever home, and the same goes for little puppies who had to leave their moms and siblings for the first time.

When new puppies are brought home, it can scary and confusing. They might experience separation anxiety from being ripped away from their moms, or confusion as to what’s going on.Eventually, however, they realize they’re in a (hopefully) loving forever home and can relax a little.

One dog owner decided to share the exact moment her dog knew he found his forever home and it’s too sweet.

You can see a tiny golden-brown puppy nestling against his owner’s head. It seems they both hold a lot of love for each other and feel quite comfortable together.

The little pup even has his arm wrapped around his new mom’s neck! How sweet.

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