The Puppy Did Not Surrender Until He Rescued Her Cubs, Where They Had Drowned

If you have ever heard the term “animal instincts”, it perfectly describes a mama dog and her puppies. Like all human beings, animals protect their young in case of danger.

The poor puppies were stuck in flooding waters, but the frantic dog mom knew what she had to do.

Due to the water leak, the puppies were stuck in the pond, but their mother knew the danger that was threatening her cubs and had to act quickly.

The puppies were stuck in a hole that was quickly filling up with water. The water continued to fill up as the dog dug and dug at the hole. The dog’s owner waited near, empty the water as quickly as he could.


We can’t imagine how focused this dog had to be in order to keep her pups out of serious trouble.


She leapt forward and down into the hole once it was large enough. When she makes contact, you can barely see her tail sticking out.


She appears with her puppies, who were initially unresponsive. Chest compressions may be seen taking place. All of the puppies made it out alive and well!

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