The puppy has grown so much that it doesn’t even look like a dog, but its path to recovery is inspiring.

Everyone is monitoring their daily progress, and luckily things are starting to pick up steam. As the days passed, he got better and better. He loves to run around the clinic and he comes out of his shell. Despite everything that has happened,

She is a very friendly dog, usually dogs who suffer at the hands of people are very shy and nervous with people, but Kachi still loves her, humane and very confident. When she is fit and healthy, she is ready to fly to New York, where she will be greeted by the New York Bully Crew.

Now it looks much better and really good! He plays and meets new and loving canine friends.

Now all that is missing is an eternally loving home, and we hope NYBC can help you find it!

His road to recovery was long, but he never gave up his positive behavior.Despite everything that happened, she is a very affectionate and strong dog.

His story inspires all of us!

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