The rescue dog ran to thank the girl for the first gift in her life

The family found out about the existence of the dog, which was constantly raised by the cruel owners, the family intervened to save her, she was placed in a pregnant nursery, but the family did not lose hope and waited for several weeks. be able to properly adopt a dog. The family was happy that they were able to bring her home just before Christmas.

They promised her the best in life and introduced her to their little daughter and other dogs in the house. However, the rescued dog remains traumatized and tense, locked in a secluded corner and spends the whole day alone. In this video, we see the family trying to take this tortured dog with the best present.

They bought a comfy dog ​​bed, wrapped it up, and let their toddler surprise the dog with this sweet gift. When the girl gave the shy dog ​​this huge Christmas present, the dog became interested and sat down.

At that moment, when the rescued dog unfolded a thoughtful gift, jumped onto the sofa and squealed with joy, it was the first gift he received, and he ran to thank the girl with tender kisses – mine.

After this memorable day, no one looked back at the rescued dog. She adapted well to her new family and became one of the most loving and affectionate dogs.

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