The shelter dog finally smiles when his lost father finds him.

When a dog is brought to a shelter, it can be very traumatic. During your first time there, your personality is often negatively influenced by the stress of the new environment and all the changes. The Johnson City Animal Shelter in Washington County was waiting for one of their dogs to come out of their shell, and it REALLY took a long time.

Roscoe is a brown and white dog that never smiles, wags its tail, or shows any kind of fun or excitement. It was clear that he was unwell and did not answer the volunteers for a long time. “All the time he was here he was very shy, very shy. discreet … as if he has no personality, he does not behave like a dog.

Source: The Dodo

“Tammy Davis Roscoe has lived most of her life on the street and learned what it means to fight. She does not trust people too much and sees in people only a way to beg.Some time later, someone called the shelter and told about the stray dog ​​escaping, and Roscoe eventually broke up with them.

Source: The Dodo

“He didn’t want us to comfort him, he didn’t want us to touch him – he just seemed to exist,” Davis said. “There was no excitement or enthusiasm whatever we did. They tried to win his trust and fought until one thing finally worked. Plan? Success, be honest and post about it on the Internet trying to find a home for it.

Source: The Dodo

” We. we are all interested in him and we are just trying to work with him to make him feel comfortable. More comfortable, “Davis said.” Because of COVID, we use our social media more than we used to, and we think, ‘What the hell is this? While this is not the most sociable dog and may be difficult to find anywhere, we will put it out and be honest.

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‘Incredibly, they got a response and it shocked their world – they got a response on Facebook from a man who claimed it was his missing dog three years ago! The shelter staff were clearly suspicious of the man sending his photographs. Roscoe had special marks many years ago, he shook them. The man came to look at his lost dog, and everyone looked at him in surprise. Roscoe saw the man, and for the first time in six months he started wagging his tail!

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