The small dog was violently attacked by two larger dogs, but was not stopped by the veterinarian.

A pair of San Jose police officers braved the pouring rain to rescue a small dog named Mr. Snuggles, who was brutally attacked by two large wild dogs. a strong dog, but Mr. Snuggles passed out from his injuries at the time. His stomach was full.The dying dog had no lower body pulse when he was taken to the vet at a local shelter.

She examined her wound. Mr. Nuggles was diagnosed with a hernia of the abdomen due to injuries, chipped teeth and more. He is in excruciating pain and can only seem merciful to leave him. But despite the flaw, the vet put together a team. operate on Mr. Nuggles with multiple injuries.

After treating the internal organ damage, he prescribes strong antibiotics to keep the wound from getting infected.However, there is still no movement in her left hind leg, suggesting that she will have to be amputated in the future.

Mr. Snuggles didn’t look like he was going to win, but he surprised everyone with his incredible resilience! With all his will, the little boxer even managed to use his left leg again!

The veterinarian not only interrupted his amputation, but also turned to the emergency services to find him the best foster home for further recovery.

At the end of this video, he just made our day!

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