The veteran tearfully reunites with the dogs he had to say goodbye to.

The aftermath of the war is no secret. Many veterans experience physical and emotional distress over the time they spend defending freedom. For many veterans, dogs seem to be one of the best tools to ease the transition to civilian life. , write the basics to save money. “Just moving from a war zone to a civilian life and back again makes you feel completely isolated.

You feel completely alone. You feel isolated from everything. My dogs were the only ones around me, ”Joshua told Animal Planet. This is true of a veteran named Joshua. He served in the Afghan Air Force and found it extremely difficult to transition to post-war life. Joshua isolated himself to try to control his symptoms.

Day after day, nightmares and memories haunted him. The Air Force veteran finds solace only in his dogs, Mom and Panda. His company gave him the strength to face every day, no matter how difficult things were. Joshua has a mom and a panda who are his whole world and that’s all that matters.

She eventually decided to move from Louisiana to California, but one problem arose: it required a temporary separation from Panda and Mom. Although Joshua accepts this sacrifice, it still hurts him to say goodbye to his children, even if it is only for a short while. Cold, lonely nights when he lay alone in bed.

He yearned for comfort, feeling his mother and Panda snuggle up to him under the covers. Joshua didn’t even have enough to walk the puppies and enjoy the fresh air with them. Tia and Mariah Torres of Pitbulls and Parolees learned about the situation.They know they must step in and help.

Mariah didn’t think twice to do her best to reunite Joshua and his favorite stuffed animals. Panda and Mom showed their pain as they barely ate away from Dad. Both children lost one. After two long months of the trio, it’s time to reunite in California. Mom and Panda’s sadness vanished as soon as they reunited with their father! Joshua said he was a little nervous. they will not remember it, but this is clearly not the case.

Their stories start to move and they walk with pure joy. They gave my father more love than he ever dreamed of!The family of three is currently enjoying their California home where they can hug each other every night and enjoy walks in the sunshine.

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