The woman meets the mouse and invites him to a small picnic.

Brigid Rose was at her parents’ house one day when she found out that there was another type of guests there, and she felt at home. It was a mouse looking for food in his house. Brigid’s parents want her to leave and hope that their cat will complete the task.

However, upon seeing the rat during her stay, Brigid decided to proceed more carefully. “I picked him up and led him out into the backyard,” said Brigid Dodo. But she does more than that. It is commendable enough to safely drive small rodents out of the house.

But Brigid decided to go even further. especially since he’s used to eating all human food in my parents’ closet, ”Brigid said. So I brought him a little goodbye picnic.Brigid put a napkin on the picnic blanket and served some food. The mouse loves it. “That’s very nice,” Brigid said.


“He let me sit next to him for over an hour. He seemed very happy. After a while, the mouse found a cozy place nearby to hide. Before going inside, Brigid let me know. Give him some snacks to help him recharge. second substance. “I’ve always loved animals very much.

I don’t really think about that much.Like, I have to do it for him! It’s not his fault, he’s a rat in the big world! “, Talk.” It used to be so cute! It definitely makes my day better.

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