There’s A Giant 3D Cat On The Outside Of A Building In Japan

A cat in Japan is capturing the attention of people passing by, and it’s not for the reason you might think.

The giant feline, who is the size of a large yacht, sits on the upper corner of a tall building and watches over the drivers and people in Tokyo.

While adorable, it’s not a real cat, but rather, a 3D digital LED cat projected onto a billboard.

The giant feline, nicknamed “Shinjuku east exit cat,” sits near a subway station and has won the hearts of several people, and even made quite a splash on social media.

The three-story-tall cat was installed last month and already has loyal fans. Throughout the day, the cat appears in between music videos and advertisements. It even greets people, saying, “nyannichiwa” (a combination of “hello” and “meow” in Japanese).

According to Japan Times, Takayuki Ohkawa, a spokesman for one of the companies operating the billboard, said that the cat isn’t an advertisement for anything, but is just there to bring enjoyment to people.


They said: “There are many reasons we decided to display the cat, but one of the big reasons is that with corona, the world became very dark. Through the cat display, we wanted to revive Shinjuku and make it brighter.”


The giant 3D cat billboard isn’t the first of its kind, either. Three-dimensional virtual billboards have become trendy in parts of East Asia, with other characters, like a cyclops and a lion appearing on other billboards. The cat may just be the cutest 3D billboard in existence, though.


Billboards of the future be like…

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