These two stray puppies have just been rescued and they never stop hugging

Netizens are in love with these two lovely puppies who have just been rescued, but they cannot keep them. It seems these two dogs were adopted by the Vietnamese, they were seen wandering the streets of Ho Chi Minh City and are currently inhabited. temple with Buddhists.

However, the Internet remains concerned about the brutality of its previous owners, who starved them to death. It is impossible not to wonder what the two of them went through on the street before being brought to the temple, which made them look frightened and vulnerable. Fortunately, the two are now holding hands very well.

They adjust to their new home and even try to learn meditation from the nuns. Just look at this Zen pose! However, one thing is certain: they are definitely happy to stay with each other in their nest forever.

These two stray dogs met each other when they got into trouble while roaming the streets of Ho Chi Minh.They are safe now, but they were not released. The nights on the cold street are over.

Now they have a home, and together they created it. Because he knows that now he has someone to rely on. Who knows what the puppies had to endure in life, but now, thanks to the rescuers, they live a completely different life!

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