This Guy Seems To Befriend Any Animal He Meets, Here Are 30 Of His Best Selfies With Them

Meet the man dubbed “Animal Whisperer,” a photographer and adventurer who’s mastered the art of taking selfies with exotic animals. Originally from Ireland, Allan Dixon has been travelling around the globe to capture smiling snaps with kangaroos, quokkas, camels, sea lions… you name it!

Having started in 2015, he now has quite a solid collection of funny and light-hearted snaps that won the heart of the internet. But the purrfect selfie isn’t just all fun and games, and it could take “’anywhere between five minutes to three hours of being in the animal’s presence’ to take the perfect selfie,” Allan told us.

So let’s dive deep into Allan’s wondrous world of the animal kingdom where each selfie reveals how much humans and animals really have in common. The smiles, the facial expressions, the genuine joy you cannot fake… Be sure to upvote your favorite ones! And be sure to check out our previous post with snouts and smiles from Allan’s selfie collection.

#1 I’m So Grateful That These Quokkas Have Single Handily Changed The World Emotionally. Helped Launch My Career, Making People Smile And Now Indirectly Helping The Welfare Of Other Animals

#2 It’s Smile Time! Heads Up For Hardcore Quokka Enthusiasts

Bored Panda reached out to Allan, the creator of these incredible animal selfies, to find out what it takes to make one, as well as to see what he’s been up to lately. Allan said that throughout the years, his project has become way more than just animal selfies.

#3 I Told The Lemur That He Only Got 10 Likes On His Last Photo. Lets Cheer Him Up This Time

“My selfies have gotten animals adopted, helped conservation, and raised tens of thousands in donations. It means everything to me and has become my life. Purposeful stuff that gives you a feeling that you are making a difference,” he said.

#4 Smiles All Round

#5 Hope. This Little Guy Marty Is About 4 Months Old And Is Loving Life!

Today, Allan gets messages from people saying they want to work with animals and conservation. “To them I say, anyone can do it, reach out and offer your help. Even if you can inspire one person to make a change, you’re on the right path.”

He’s also up for adoption. Unfortunately he lost the use of his back legs in a car accident. Most countries would straight up euthanize the animal but in Thailand they give life a chance to flight and help rehabilitate the animal

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