This puppy can’t hold back tears as he parted ways with the cow that raised him

Rookie is a beautiful little dog who lives on a South Korean farm with his family, he lost his mother when he was born, and his adoptive parents made sure that he received all the love a puppy needs, but in a quite particular way and thanks to the support of a cow.This cow became his protector, took care of him and raised him,

Rookie did not want to leave his side for a minute, but unfortunately the day feared by everyone arrived, Rookie’s parents are poor and they were forced to sell her.

Puppy cries with sadness when separated from the cow that raised him

The bond that exists between Rookie and his adoptive mother is indestructible When Rookie was separated from the cow, he could not contain his emotions and began to cry desperately, proving once again that animals are sentient beings that need to give and receive love.

He couldn’t contain the sadness He was desperate watching her walk away, unable to do anything.

Rookie’s family was also very sad with the situation, they love Rookie and thought that his sadness would be temporary, but it was not like that, he felt so bad that he no longer wanted to eat.

In the midst of his despair, Rookie was very cunning and decided to follow the trail of his adoptive mother who was not very far from home, through his nose he managed to reach her.

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