This Video Shows What It’s Really Like To Let Your Pets Sleep In Your Bed

Our pets are part of the family so when it comes to sleeping with them, it’s something that some pet owners enjoy. Well, at least in theory. No matter how small your pet is, somehow they manage to take up a whole lot of bed space!

One pet owner thought it would be hilarious to video a whole night of sleeping with his pets to give people an inside look at what it’s really like.

YouTube user MilkyBokiTan posted a video of “What Sleeping With A Dog And Cats Is Like,” and it had people on the internet cracking up.

If you’ve never slept with your pets, you’re missing out on some seriously “fun” times that make the night of sleep much more lively.

But if you don’t like being bothered in the middle of the night, it may not be for you (as you can see!).

The video starts of with the per owner’s big pooch making itself comfortable by laying right on top of him, and big dog owners everywhere know exactly how accurate that is.

Once the big dog finds its way to the dog bed, it’s the cats turn to smother its owner with cuddles

The frisky feline lies right on top of its owner, while also deciding that it would be a good time to start playing with the covers. Once the kitty finally falls asleep, it stretched out to make itself comfortable in the most adorable way.

After that, the cat goes into its crate for a bit but decides 1:00 AM would be a good time to be mischievous.

At 4:00 AM, the cat decides to crawl back into bed with its owner, this time taking up so much of the bed that it practically kicks him off

That’s when the cat decides to jump on its owner’s head briefly waking him up, and the big dog sees this as an invitation to climb back into the bed with him.

As the owner of two massive golden retrievers, I know all too well how making the slightest movement or noise can be seen as an invitation for your dogs to cuddle with you, and that’s exactly what happens in this video.

By 5:45 AM, the big dog, and his cat pal team up and decide it would be a good time to wake their owner up

Like two toddlers who jump on their parent’s heads because they won’t sleep past 5 AM, the dog-cat duo stands over their owner while staring down at him wanting him to wake.

When the animals realize he’s not going to wake, they scurry off into the house without him before one of the cats comes back to greet him once he wakes up.

Is it good for you to sleep with your pets?
Many studies have suggested that sleeping with pets may disrupt a person’s sleep in the past, but a recent study by the Mayo Clinic suggests that this might not actually be the case. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to this, and everyone is different.

For some people, the benefit of sleeping with their pets outweighs the potential sleep disruption. There’s a certain security and comfort people get from sleeping with their animals, regardless if they may pull some shenanigans like the pets in this video.

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