Tiny Frenchie Puppy Is An Adorable Chatterbox About His Roommate

Dogs are sometimes loud with their barking. But, you usually hear a pet dog complain of not being satisfied over something which may pertain to food, space, or attention.
But this little Frenchie, despite its tiny size, is not afraid to air his displeasure over what has happened.
He is not so pleased by the accommodation that he has received, and he lets his human know about it.

The tiny pooch is quite honest about his feelings, and there is nothing wrong with that.
It is better to vent out if you are unhappy over a situation than keep it to yourself, especially if you find this much harder to do.Frenchie is actually a moniker for the French bulldog breed. This breed is created in England to become a miniature Bulldog. They are brought by English lacemakers to France, hence the name.

Although the French bulldogs are affectionate and charming dogs that make great pets for all types of families, they can also be stubborn. It is their worst temperamental flaw. And it is pretty evident in the video of this tiny Frenchie pup.Not being able to hold his temper, he airs the concern to his human who is in charge of the complaint department.

At the beginning of the video, you can hear his loud noise. He’s not stopping until his concern is heard.

“I want to talk to the manager regarding my room. With my adorable looks, I should be getting the best accommodation there is. Bring me the manager please!”

Surprisingly, the pup sounds as if he is actually communicating. He is trying his best to let his mommy know of his feelings about having a roommate he didn’t expect.His mommy tells him:
“I told you, the complaint department is closed on Tuesdays.”

The pup insists that his voice be heard even if it’s not a Tuesday. He’s too charming to be ignored, so he continues making noises.

Trying to understand where his dissatisfaction is coming from, his mommy reminds him:
“Oh no! I never promised you a single room.
That’s not true; I never said you would be the only friend.
No, nope! I didn’t say that. Are you upset with your roommate?”

The Frenchie seems unhappy about having a roommate.
He doesn’t want to share his space. It can be for the reason that he doesn’t want to be the babysitter of the tiny creature who is resting steps away from him. Perhaps, he also doesn’t like to share his bed.

Regardless, the Frenchie doesn’t want to stop voicing his complaints. He thinks he must get the room all to his own. He’s not very excited about having a roommate who may not be as OC as him. But, the harmless creature is peacefully relaxing, and he doesn’t seem to have any problem.

Still making the noises each time his human explains the situation. His mommy ends the discussion with an assurance.

“I’ll speak to the manager, but I don’t know what we can do about this. I’m really sorry. I understand if you don’t want to stay with us again. All right, I’ll let them know. Thank you for your patience.”

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