Two Barking Dogs Trapped On Moving Canoe Get Saved By A Brave Hero

There are plenty of uncomfortable feelings but one of the worst ones, for me at least, is the feeling of being trapped. As someone who truly enjoys any and every sort of freedom, being confined isn’t my cup of tea. Feeling trapped in a conversation with the aunt that always corners you at family gatherings; trapped in a really tight underground parking garage with no exit in view, and of course,

being trapped in a physical situation that’s dangerous and you can’t get out of – I could do without all of these!

These two pups found themselves in the latter, a tricky pickle of a situation that went from bad to worse. But, thanks to a quick-thinking, fast-acting hero, the pair of dogs were rescued and freed!

It was a particularly windy day when a family went down to the river to enjoy the great outdoors. With the canoe in the water and the car getting unpacked, somewhere in the excitement of a beautiful fall day spent in nature, the family’s two eager golden retrievers jumped into the canoe when no one was looking. Then, without a moment’s notice, they started to float downriver — just like that!

The video opens to the two dogs in the canoe, whimpering and looking completely, and utterly confused. The one to the right at the front of the canoe, assumes the lookout position, trying to forge ahead and see what’s up front. The other frazzled pup isn’t really sure what to make of the situation, but it’s clear that both are stuck in the same boat.

They’re barking loudly when a black lab shows up on the shoreline and jumps into the water. He splashes in, not wasting another moment, and heads straight for the stranded canoe. He is fiercely doggy paddling, cutting his way through the water to get to the other two. The blonde dogs are baking really loudly now, and a man’s voice in the background is heard. He’s encouraging the hero dog, Robbie, saying, “Good boy Robbie! Bring ‘em home! Bring ‘em home!”

What Robbie does in pretty unbelievable. The black dog fearlessly swims out and understands that he’s supposed to bite on to the rope at the front of the canoe to drag it to shore, which he did with ease. Robbie didn’t hesitate to help, nor struggle with roping them in. This ends in a happy rescue mission where all three dogs on land.

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