Two Gigantic Sea Lions Steal A Boat And Take It For A Hilarious Joyride

Sea lions are huge marine mammals that seem to have a lot of personality. They love playing games with each other and hanging out with other members of their species. And sometimes, they get in a bit of trouble.

A former professional soccer player named Joshua Phillips was out enjoying a day on the boat when he spotted some sea lion trouble. When he saw what the sea lions were up to, he had to take a video.

We’re so glad he did.

Rather than seeing a boat driven by other people, Phillips saw something completely unexpected. Sailing along as if they didn’t have a care in the world were two huge sea lions. As Phillips explained:

“The vessel looked a little off, and we got closer and closer and realized there were two massive animals on board.”

With his camera rolling, Phillips was able to capture some unbelievable footage of the incident. There they were, two sea lions out for a joyride in the Eld Inlet, not far from Olympia, Washington.

Without proof, there’s a good chance no one would’ve believed Phillips’ story. After all, it was kind of far-fetched.
These things were the size of dinosaurs – well, almost.

Source: Instagram/Fishinglosh

Most people know that sea lions can get pretty big…but for these two, that’s an understatement. They weren’t just large, but enormous. In fact, they were so big that as they sat on the boat, the backend almost went completely below the waterline.

The look on their faces makes the images all the more comical.

Source: Instagram/Fishinglosh

They’re just watching the world go by. From their faces, you can imagine them thinking, “What are these people looking at?”

The size of the boat compared to their bodies makes it look like a toy a child would play with in the bathtub. Hopefully, there wasn’t anyone in the cabin. If there was, I have a feeling they were praying to come out of this adventure alive.

It gets even better. From both the photos and video, you can tell there’s not an inch of space left on the boat. But according to other people on the water that day, a third sea lion tried its best to participate in the party.

Source: Instagram/Fishinglosh

It seems the other two were content just sharing the moment alone so they didn’t let the straggler join in the fun.

It’s a wonder the boat didn’t sink. These sea lions stayed on the boat for quite some time. I’m not sure how, but it didn’t sink. These mammals can reach 11 feet in length and up to 2,500 pounds.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/Spawn Fly Fish

Although no one knows who owns the boat, there’s no doubt these two friends had the time of their life.

These hilarious sea lions decided they wanted a break from swimming and to go sailing instead.

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