Two men risk their safety trying to rescue a frightened wild cat caught in a bear trap

Lynx is a small wildcat known for its incredible tracking or hunting abilities. They are also known for their shyness and aloofness. They usually don’t get close to people, so if you come across one of them, you are more likely to surprise or surprise them.

He is sick. If this happens, remember to back up slowly and try not to run. However, when you see a wounded lynx, it’s hard not to help. This is especially true if the animal is trapped. like a wild cat in this video. When two men saw a wild cat in these straits, they could not stop it.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

The two men, Chris Ward and his friend Aaron, decided they couldn’t let the creature suffer, so they got to work. … surround him. the cat, despite the fact that he was the “bad guy”.As he hissed and growled and growled, the two approached him without much planning, it just took a large stick and a duffel bag to hold him so he couldn’t get scratched while trying to let go.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

I felt sorry for the poor man, who was clearly frightened. On the other hand, people seem to be quite confident in themselves. There is a lot of laughter in his name, making it difficult for some viewers to watch the video after the release of The Cat Goes Mad, which could lead to further injuries to his stuck leg.

Source: Screencap via YouTube

The lynx was not going to remain motionless with the bag and brutally attacked him. (To be honest, he had no idea that people were trying to help him. Pinning him down with a two-headed cane for a few seconds, he quickly ran away and continued to protest the attempt. It might be better to work together, but someone clearly needs to document this for posterity) …

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