Unusual-Looking Dog Always Gets Mistaken For A Pig On Walks

When Devan Seaman first adopted Ted, he was basically hairless. Eventually, he started growing some fur, but even so, he’s never really looked much like a typical dog. Ted is something all his own.

“The rescue I got him from thought he was a Chinese crested mix, but about six months after I got him, he started growing fur, so I did a DNA test,” Seaman told The Dodo. “It came back saying that he’s mostly Chihuahua and mini poodle, with a small percentage of shih tzu, and an even smaller percentage of a smattering of other breed groups!”

hairless dogDEVAN SEAMAN

“When people meet Ted for the first time, they never know what to make of him,” Seaman said. “He’s such a strange, adorable little creature! They are always delighted by him, and they always want to know what breed he is. Everyone always remarks about how cute he is and how human his eyes are!”

dog mistaken for a pig


Recently, Seaman was taking Ted for a walk when a man stopped to talk to them. He was petting Ted and talking about him, and it didn’t take Seaman long to realize that the man absolutely thought that Ted was a pig — and she didn’t correct him.


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“By the time he mentioned that his family also had a pig, we were almost completely past him, and I didn’t want to ruin his excitement at having seen a pig,” Seaman said.

dog mistaken for a pigDEVAN SEAMAN

“It didn’t surprise me at all,” Seaman said. “Ted honestly gets mistaken for a pig almost every day. People always ask if he’s a pig or a possum. Or they’ll ask, ‘Is that a dog?’ I think it’s his little tail that confuses people, which definitely looks like an unfurled pig’s tail. People love to tell me what he looks like, which is never a dog. Most often, people think he looks like a pig, a possum, a werewolf, a lion or a wizard.”

dog in a strollerDEVAN SEAMAN

His unique look definitely gets Ted a lot of attention — and that’s his favorite part of it all. Ted is a big fan of people watching. To him, people are even more interesting-looking than he is.

“He LOVES to know what’s going on,” Seaman said. “He’ll sit and watch out a window for hours if people might walk by it. On our walks, he is constantly stopping to watch people going in and coming out of places. He’s very nosy in the best way.”

Whether he looks more like a dog or a pig, Ted is perfect exactly the way he is, and his mom wouldn’t have him any other way.

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