Vacationer Flips On Camera After Spotting Cougar Lurking Around Outside

This isn’t your classic Wizard of Oz case of lions, tigers, and bears. What they really meant was mountain lions, tigers, and bears.Welcome to Hot Springs Cove near Tofino, Canada.What started off as a lovely anniversary getaway turned into a heart-pounding snafu.

After making the trip from a smaller satellite cabin to the larger, central one, an adventurous couple and their friend took a look through the glass walls to enjoy the beautiful morning mountain view.But what they saw next would strike fear into anyone’s eyes.This is the story of a vacation almost gone wrong.

A hungry mountain lion appears to be on the prowl outside. Its eyes are fixed beyond the glass…Naturally, the humans inside record the entire exchange. You can hear both the fear and the fascination in their voices.“I’m so amazed right now.”As are we! But within a matter of moments, this mountain lion emphatically puts one paw forward.

Things are getting real.A few tense moments go by before the mountain lion bolts onto the deck! Our surprised adventurers scramble for a plan.“Go upstairs!”Okay, things just got real. Really real.
This isn’t cute anymore. It’s dangerous!

Naturally, our three human bystanders let out a few expletives. It’d probably be more of a surprise if they didn’t, to be honest.

So what happens if the cougar gets inside? The group looks around for a means of protection.

They don’t have any weapons in the house. If the cougar gets inside, it would be a disaster for everyone.

The large cat approaches the sliding glass door. If it didn’t notice it before, it definitely sees it now.

Would the glass even hold up to its full force?
Well, it’s definitely making for some incredible views.

Wow, what a beautiful cat. Nature’s full of amazingness.
I’d like to take this time to give a shoutout to glass. It’s not the most durable material out there, but it’s strong enough and lets you see everything that’s going on.

This cat’s smart, recognizing the glass almost right away as it approached. It doesn’t even need to touch the window to know it’s there.

Mountain lions are native to the Americas, ranging from the equator to the colder regions closer to the poles. Hikers and tourists see them all the time, and sometimes, those encounters get scary.

Their hunting methods involve stalking and stealth. They’re drawn to deer and small animals, generally. Males can weigh up to 220 pounds! Usually, these big cats sport beige or whitish fur.

Our new cat friend is no exception.
After trying the glass wall, it walks to the side, looking back at the clear obstruction in its path.

What a majestic sight! The situation’s both beautiful and nerve-racking.

The cougar knows it can’t get inside, obviously recognizing the glass.

The large predatorial cat takes a moment to look for another entry point.

Its eyes are drawn to something above.

These adventurers aren’t out of the woods yet!
Seriously, the group’s literally and figuratively stuck in the woods.

But reality starts setting in. This particular mountain lion begins to realize that food might be out of the question here.

The cameraman sparks up a staring contest with this beauty.

This one plays a tough game.
“We’re having a stare off.”

About a minute goes by before the footage cuts out. Well, what happened next? Apparently, the group waited for about an hour or so after the cougar left. Then, they quietly snuck out and took a boat back to safety!

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