We Tried This Washable Rug And It’s A Total Life Changer

We independently pick all the products we recommend because we love them and think you will too. If you buy a product from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.Combining a dog or cat (aka drool, hair and muddy paws) with a nice, stylish rug sounds like a recipe for disaster, since most rugs are such a pain in the neck to clean.

Most pet parents dream of a rug that looks good and is easy to keep neat. So when we heard about Ruggable – which makes rugs you can pop right in the laundry — we wondered if they could make a pet parent’s life a whole lot easier.But is it too good to be true? We had our Dodo pets investigate.The verdict? Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Are Ruggable Rugs?
Ruggable rugs are designed for easy cleanup, which is a saving grace for pet parents (and parents of actual kids).The rugs are conveniently machine-washable because they come in two parts: a nonslip rug pad and a waterproof, stain-resistant rug cover.

If your dog or cat makes a mess, all you have to do is peel off the lightweight top layer and throw it in the wash. Just follow the care instructions, using mild detergent in the washer and low heat in the dryer. When the cycle is over, reattach the clean cover to the nonslip pad and you’re good to go.The best part is that there are a ton of styles to choose from.

They have small area rugs, large area rugs, round rugs, runners, outdoor rugs and even doormats. Ruggable also has selections in a bunch of different textures, like plush, chenille and shed-resistant Re-Jute. And if your home has a particular style — like Moroccan, bohemian, geometric, Persian or floral — there’s something for you, too.With so many options, you could fill your whole home with Ruggable rugs, if you wanted.

The Judges
We picked two of our messy Dodo dogs to really put Ruggable rugs to the test.
Etta loves to make a mess. Etta often gets the zoomies and tears around the house. But with hardwood floors, we sometimes get worried she’ll slip and hurt herself.” — her mom, Laurel Burgam

With a rescue dog and a toddler, having any nice furniture or rugs is scary!” — her mom, Keren Masser

So … Was It Actually Easy To Clean?
Even before running it through the laundry, our pet parents found it was super simple to keep the Ruggable rugs tidy.

“I was happy to find that the fabric and design does a great job of concealing messes until you are able to give it a full clean. If I am in a rush, I can give it a quick vacuum or even sweep the rug to pick up a mess.” — Laurel B.

But being able to put the rugs through the wash really took all the hassle out of cleaning.

“We were excited about being able to actually throw a large rug into a laundry machine, since cleaning past rugs has been a nightmare.” — Keren M.

“When it comes time for a deep cleaning, I can easily pick it up and throw it in the washing machine. The rug dried quickly in the dryer and came out completely clean.” — Laurel B.

dog smiling and lying on Ruggable rug on floor

What Pets Loved: No More Slipping And Sliding!
Traction is tough for our pups when they’re on hard floors. But our dogs loved that Ruggable rugs gave them something for their paws to grip (and saved them from sliding all over the place).

“Storm is a bit scared of wood floors because they can be shiny, so I was relieved to have a large rug to put down in the dining room.” — Keren M.“Etta has no problem bouncing around the living room — great for her, maybe not so great for us.” — Laurel B.Our judges also loved lounging and rolling on them, since they’re so comfy.

“Etta regularly chooses to play on the rug. This means she’s chewing slobbery bones, tearing apart sticks and rolling around after a trip to the beach. We don’t have to get in the way of her fun because we know this rug can take a beating from our puppy.” — Laurel B.

“Storm had no issues walking right over the rug and getting in her position underneath my son’s high chair. That’s the best spot to get food droppings! If anything, the rug makes it easier for her to feel comfortable in her spot.” — Keren M./thedodo/

woman feeding dog on a Ruggable rug on floor

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