Wild Foal On North Carolina Coast Gets Case Of “Zoomies” In Viral Video

A wild foal born earlier this year on Shackleford Banks, an island off the coast of Carteret County, North Carolina, is going viral for “doing what comes naturally.”

Foals are so adorable with their long legs, which they quickly learn how to use. A foal will stand within an hour of being born and can gallop after a day.

An exuberant foal was captured doing “zoomies” on the island by photographer Crystal Wasley. She used a telephoto lens and a tripod to capture the adorable moment without interfering.After 20 seconds, the baby takes a brief break to recover and show off its flexibility by scratching its ear with the hind hoof.

It takes a few moments to inspect a bush before breaking into another fit of zoomies. After a couple of laps, the foal rests alongside its mother.The three-minute video was shared by Cape Lookout National Seashore on Facebook and within a day it had over 46K views. The National Park wrote, “Meanwhile on Shackleford Banks — on a beautiful summer day,

this foal had a case of the “zoomies” and was running circles around its mother as she placidly ate the island grass.”


One viewer wondered if the foal was running around to avoid all the bugs.


“I wonder if the foal was being bothered by flies? I saw it scratching and it is swishing its tail the way horses do to swat away insects like flies. Maybe running from them seemed a more fun and effective way to elude the bites.”


Another commented on the little one’s speed. “What a great video! Sure is a fast little baby!”

There are currently 120 wild horses that call the island home, including six other foals born this year.

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