Wild Mare Runs Up Rescuers And Asks For Their Help Rescuing Her Little Foal

Most of the animals that we interact with on a regular basis are completely tamed or domesticated. As pet owners or farmers, having a docile and predictable animal is important for everyone’s safety and well-being! When you take an animal out of its human habitat, however, things become a bit… feral!

Dogs, cats, and horses can all become feral if given the time.

A feral animal is one that has escaped from a domestic or captive status and is living more or less as a wild animal, or one that is descended from such animals. – Wikipedia

One of the most beautiful “wild” or “feral” animals that you can see here in America is a wild horse! They are majestic, wild, and free to live exactly how they want to. Seeing a wild horse is almost like seeing a magical woodland creature.

Although feral animals live on their own, they still sometimes need human help.

Whether that’s just medical treatment or habitat protection, humans, as the apex creature on the planet, still intervene where needed. As a result, many animals have come to recognize humans as rescuers or even friends!

For one horse in British Columbia, that recognition saved her baby’s life.

While out in the fields of British Columbia, Canada, Candice and Jordan Camille saw a group of feral horses on their property.

Our area does in deed have feral horses that live out on the range lands all year round. They have been for years; the stallions have the herds broken up into multiple little bands of broodmares, foals & yearlings living wildly amongst the sage brush & grasslands.

While Jordan was checking out the fence line, two of the feral horses weren’t running away like they normally would.


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